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Legacy Web Game Publishing

BitvorkBitvork Posts: 117Member
edited January 2012 in Tech Support
Hi all! I created LEGACY WEB GAME "Test-SpotTheDifference" and I wanted to publish it. GameSalad server errors and other errors :( but FINALLY I successfully uploaded this first test mini project. However GameSalad Arcade doesn't show any PLAY button on the game site (opened via "manage publishing" - Project: "Test2-SpotTheDifference"). When I want to play .app file on Mac... error... file corrupted or I have to update my system (I have Snow Leopard). There are too many errors and illogicalities. No app (GameSalad) advices during uploading. Everything seems fine. What should I do now? Thanks a lot. Daniel.


  • BitvorkBitvork Posts: 117Member
    Is there any customer support? I created Legacy Web Game and Publishing doesn´t work. Thanks for help!
  • GLGAMESGLGAMES SingaporePosts: 988Member
    yes , post in support thread instead.
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