Please Help - Basic Game Function, Need Assistance

brandonjabrbrandonjabr Member Posts: 9
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I'm making a basic iPhone game in which you control a square that is moving right through a tunnel, and spikes are coming at you that you have to dodge.

Here's my problem:

I want to make it so (starting with the square on the bottom platform) when you press anywhere on the screen, he jumps quickly to the top platform and stays there

Then, when you press anywhere on the screen again, I want him to jump back down to the bottom platform and stay put

Now when I tried to use functions like "Move To", "Move", "Accelerate Toward" Etc, they always seem to glitch up, (ie. when I use two opposing "Move To" functions, the square will get stuck at the top)

What's a simple way I can implement this game feature?

Thanks a lot!


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