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Rejected and account threatened

Peter_OlafsonPeter_Olafson Posts: 301Member
edited February 2012 in Miscellaneous
How do I add an image? They rejected me for the following reason and gave me a screen shot which was the advertisement Gamesalad had placed on my game. I can't begin to tell you how pissed off I am to have my developer account threatened.

3.10: Developers who attempt to manipulate or cheat the user reviews or chart ranking in the App Store with fake or paid reviews, or any other inappropriate methods will be removed from the iOS Developer Program

Feb 28, 2012 11:12 AM. From Apple.


We found that your app, or its metadata, includes features or content that can have an excessive influence in the listing order or ranking on the App Store, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

Specifically, your application allows users to download other apps in order to receive in-game currency. Please refer to the attached screenshot for further information.

While there may be other values and benefits of this functionality, incentivizing downloads has a direct influence on the App Store listing order or chart rankings, which is not in compliance with the Guidelines.
If your iTunes Connect Application State is Metadata Rejected, we do NOT require a new binary. In iTunes Connect > Manage Your Applications, select your app and click View Details.

- Click Edit in the Metadata section
- Revise the desired metadata values
- Click "Save" at the bottom of the screen
- Once you click Save, you will see the "Submit New Metadata" button in the top right. Click "Submit New Metadata"

If your iTunes Connect Application State is Rejected, a new binary will be required. Make the desired metadata changes when you upload the new binary.

NOTE: Please be sure to make any metadata changes to all App Localizations by clicking the Edit button next to each localization.



  • LeonardDeveloperLeonardDeveloper Posts: 4,630Member
    edited February 2012
    But other people have play haven and this hasn't happened? What happened with apple man?
    WAIT "Specifically, your application allows users to download other apps in order to receive in-game currency." THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GAMESALAD.... IN GAME CURRENCY... THATS SOMETHING YOU IMPLEMENTED YORUSELF..
    (sorry for caps :D )
  • Rob2Rob2 Posts: 2,402Member
    edited February 2012
  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Posts: 9,934Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef
    edited February 2012
    imageyou can upload it to an image hosting site. I prefer to just upload it to my public drop bock folder and use the public link in the code I just pasted

    It's not my fault I never learned to take responsibility for anything. ;)

  • Peter_OlafsonPeter_Olafson Posts: 301Member
  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Posts: 9,914Member
    edited February 2012
    I'm curious to see this as well. Hmmmmmmm this is clearly playhavens fault....tisk tisk
  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Posts: 9,914Member
    edited February 2012
    Yep doesn't seem playhaven knows the they say lay down with dogs you get Not that I'm against GS making money and have good ads but these playhaven guys have to be on their game with the rules.
  • LeonardDeveloperLeonardDeveloper Posts: 4,630Member
    edited February 2012
    If this is the case and already with quite a few complaints over play haven hosting inappropriate stuff.. maybe Gs should drop play haven and build they're own network that only advertises GS games... and maybe people could pay $20 or something to get they're app in the "GS Playhaven"... I dunno that would be my solution...
    Also I don't like the enfasis on the woman's "Bozum" In the ad.. Im sort of against play haven..
    On top of they the play haven screen takes like 5 minutes to load!!
  • ChunkypixelsChunkypixels Posts: 1,113Member
    edited February 2012
    out of interest what was the game you received this advert on? As in what kind of game is it?

    I imagine a good chunk of Playhaven inventory is going to be for casino/gambling games, as they do tend to push advertising as a genre... which is one of my major concerns regarding the system, if theres no user choice in the kind of adverts displayed.

    But yup... looks like Apple dont like the reference to getting free ingame currency for the advertised app by downloading it.... which seems fair to me.
  • Peter_OlafsonPeter_Olafson Posts: 301Member
    The game was a memory game. It's family friendly... or was before the gambling ad.
  • LeonardDeveloperLeonardDeveloper Posts: 4,630Member
    I understand how frustrated you must be..
  • Rob2Rob2 Posts: 2,402Member
    edited February 2012
    @SSS did you delete my post ?
  • Peter_OlafsonPeter_Olafson Posts: 301Member
    Ok. So I can just contact the monolithic company Apple and tell them Gamesalad said it's ok?
  • ChunkypixelsChunkypixels Posts: 1,113Member
    edited February 2012
    Im not sure about that... I understood where they were coming from as soon as I saw the advert.

    Apple believes that by offering downloaders free ingame currency if they download the free app, its going to have an effect on increasing download numbers... ie: gaming the system. Its obviously open to interpretation, and some would argue its just advertising... but it is pretty clear as to where Apple have taken offence at the advert.

    I'd still just be annoyed at the fact I'd had a gambling app advert on a family friendly game though....
  • Rob2Rob2 Posts: 2,402Member
    As I said - its all turned to BS when you can't control content in a reasonable fashion or at least know you are dealing with quality content providers.
  • LeonardDeveloperLeonardDeveloper Posts: 4,630Member
    Yeah lol... If the comment wasn't as blunt :D You guys must have a hefty job keeping things clean here on the forums...
  • Peter_OlafsonPeter_Olafson Posts: 301Member
    That's fine. But your second indication was that Apple has misinterpreted their own rules. Either way... will I be contacted by support when Playhaven has fixed this issue? Do I put in a support request for that to happen? As I can't see the ads, how do I know what the next ad will be? And if it violates apples standards to the point my developer account is canceled, who refunds me the 99 dollars and the lost income from my apps since the issue is not my responsibility?
  • olster1olster1 Posts: 396Member
    edited February 2012

    Specifically mentions pay-per-install. My guess is that apple misunderstood the ad. Solution, word the ad differently perhaps "...get 10,000 chips in Card Ace Casino absolutely FREE" Solves the issue.

    Even though this is hard to foresee, his is the second time Playhaven has caused considerable annoyance.
  • ChunkypixelsChunkypixels Posts: 1,113Member
    @tshirtbooth surely thats just trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes....

    wouldnt it be better to actually have the Ads categorised, and give the user some choice over what categories theyre happy to be associated with....

    or even better... just ditch the whole sorry PlayHaven system completely ...and be done with it. :)
  • ChunkypixelsChunkypixels Posts: 1,113Member
    @tshirtbooth yup...but I have a feeling the PH revenue wont actually turn out to be all that much, and all the issues that crop up will have a negative effect on GS user numbers/confidence.

    But i think from previous iAds and monetizing discussions, you already know my thoughts on forced adverts in games, so Im going to say that... right? :)

  • Peter_OlafsonPeter_Olafson Posts: 301Member
  • ChunkypixelsChunkypixels Posts: 1,113Member
    @SaladStraightShooter probably dont want to be telling people what stance Apple will take regarding cancelling accounts. Theyre inconsistent at the best of times... so probably safer not to second guess them :)
  • MotherHooseMotherHoose Posts: 2,456Member
    yes @Tshirtbooth … do that and the 4th open by a user showing that ad … will get some nice complaints to Apple and developerAccounts will be in jeopardy.

    Waiting for the day PlayHaven emails Apple! Telling them their scheme for getting any type of ad in a game!

    @PeterGisHere … sorry this happened to you … but finding-out right away was better than having complaints later.

    @};- MH
  • FallacyStudiosFallacyStudios Posts: 970Member
    It would really be nice if GS would maybe implement Mobclix since they have full screen, banner and other types of ads for both Android and iPhone. If GS could work something out with them maybe they could take a cut of the Free GS developers income or something. Idk I would think that would be the easiest way to go not to mention Mobclix doesn't cause violation issues that I'm aware of.

    Leadbolt is another ad company that I'm sure would be more than happy to work with GS, and the implementation of their ads (both Android and iPhone again) would be quite simple.

    Just a little confused as to why GS went with 2 ad companies with low fill rates that are pretty well unknown.
  • simo103simo103 Posts: 1,331Member, PRO
    edited February 2012
    @PeterGisHere ... can you back-up and convert a copy of your game for publishing under Then submit without Playhaven.

  • Peter_OlafsonPeter_Olafson Posts: 301Member
    I think for now I'll concentrate on Mac apps that don't have advertising till I can afford the pro account and can avoid ads all together.
  • LeonardDeveloperLeonardDeveloper Posts: 4,630Member
    So is play haven still going ahead???? has this been fixed?
  • butterbeanbutterbean Posts: 4,315Member, PRO
    Apple is very inconsistent with their review system, I'm surprised to this day there are still issues with it.
  • EatingMyHatEatingMyHat Posts: 1,246Member
    Service is always a bit inconsistent when it is done by real people, especially for a company that grows as fast as Apple. Great job for GS for resolving that quickly, I just hope that PH will classify their ads based on the App classification and avoid gambling or adult ads for 4+ games.

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