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Major problems with "Jump" - please help!

digitalzerodigitalzero Posts: 639Member, BASIC
edited March 2012 in Working with GS (Mac)
im having so much trouble with this jump feature that im trying to create... and trust me i have tried EVERYTHING! from looking at the platform template and even from this mario template and i cannot find out what the hell im doing lol. so let me first start off by giving you all an outlook of how my game is... there are 4 buttons... 1st button= left 2nd button= right 3rd button= jump 4th button=shoot.... but heres the problem... whenever the left or right button is held down and the jump button is pressed the player DOES NOT JUMP! like... AT ALL LOL! (well maybe a little bit lol) but when neither the left or right button is pressed and i press the jump button the player jumps AND ANOTHER THING IS WHEN IM JUMPING FROM A PLATFORM AND EITHER THE LEFT OR BUTTON IS PRESSED THE CHARACTER SEEMS TO "GLIDE" FOR SOME REASON... so of course im like WTF! but anyways lemme give you an overview of some of the rules and behaviors that i have placed!

first i have an accelerate behavior in the direction of 270 with an acceleration of 1000

second my move right and move left has a move behavior and the direction is either 0 or 180 and the speed is 200

(NOW, in order to fix my glide issue i changed the direction to 220 and 310 and changed the speed to 500 just to add a little more weight to the player when she jumps off of a platform)

lastly i have another rule when all conditions are valid

attribute game.jumpbutton is true
attribute self.jump is > 0

CHANGE ATTRIBUTE self.jump to self.jump-1 (this is used so the character cant just jump off the screen lol of course i have other collide rules that work with the platform and the ground)

CHANGE ATTRIBUTE self.motion. linearvelocity.y to 500

i know i just wrote a book with this big question but right now im totally out of options... i have learned gamesalad at a very progressive rate and all of this stuff makes sense to me but its not making sense to gamesalad LOL i love gamesalad but this is totally an issue that im dealing with and in order to complete this i will be pretty much done with my game... THE COMMUNITY IS USUALLY AWESOME ABOUT ANSWERING QUESTIONS SO PLEASE SOMMMEEEONNNEEE HELP ME! HELP ME PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE LOL!


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  • SAZ_1SAZ_1 Posts: 397Member
    Accepted Answer
    first of all are you using the move function to get the character to move??.. i'd say stick with change velocity linear X to 100(right) and -100(left) for example...secondly that is probably( i might be wrong) why the character jumps when left and right is not pressed because the move function is overriding the command to change linear.y to 500 ... first try swaping out the move function let me know then what happens


  • digitalzerodigitalzero Posts: 639Member, BASIC
    im definitely going to see if that works and i will totally keep you posted :) thanks so much for the advice :) i wish there was a way to "friend" someone on this forum cause i wiould totally friend you... (there actually might be a way im just a noob lol) but yeah ill let you know :)
  • digitalzerodigitalzero Posts: 639Member, BASIC
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