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Introducing a NEW GameSalad Partnership!

SaladStraightShooterSaladStraightShooter Austin, TxPosts: 3,081Member, Chef Emeritus
edited April 2012 in News from the Dev Team
Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce after many months of work and discussion that we have finally been able to secure our latest partner for GameSalad at the start of April.

Without further ado, we are happy to introduce our new partner: LEGO! image

This is an unprecedented partnership for us but we feel that nothing represents "Development for everyone" than LEGO, a company that has endeavored to capture the imagination of millions by creating blocks that allow, "Creation for everyone!"

What does this partnership mean?

  • Bowl Boy branded LEGO kits, putting the power of creation in your hands! Can you make the 130 different Bowl Boys?
  • Mandatory LEGO branding on your games (a small, unobtrusive LEGO icon in each game)
  • New LEGOSALAD publishing kit, with banner ads and splash screens containing special GameSalad lego kit blueprints! You'd be a fool not to want that!
We will be announcing even more details this afternoon as more information becomes available. Happy Developing! Or should I say...BUILD IT WITH LEGO!

Learn more HERE!

Why do you keep using that word? I do not think it means what you think it means.



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