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Need help with a couple of bugs

FrazzleFrazzle Posts: 223Member
edited April 2012 in Tech Support - video's there.
Any idea what could be causing the bugs?
I'm using tiles as the floor but they're flush so i don't know whats causing it.


  • FrazzleFrazzle Posts: 223Member
    Posted it in wrong category. Sorry guys :-??
  • crazyfishdevcrazyfishdev Posts: 283Member
    That game looks AWESOME!!!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!! but back on i think the 1 pixel gap is being caused by the fact that your dirt seems to stick out more than the grass in the video.. otherwise it could be do to how you are deciding to stop from going through the wall... I would love to see the code and i might be able to help more...

    I got nothing for the second one yet... il keep thinking

  • FrazzleFrazzle Posts: 223Member
    Thanks for the compliment,cfd.
    Sadly, the grass is part of the block.
    However, the bug doesn't occur for dirt blocks. (same block but without the grass top)
    those are separate actors,btw. (grass/dirt)
  • crazyfishdevcrazyfishdev Posts: 283Member
    kk.... double check your code and also your placement on the actual level itself... I have had this problem before...
  • FrazzleFrazzle Posts: 223Member
    Just had an idea!
    I could just create the levels without grass blocks and add grass block images onto separate dirt blocks...
  • crazyfishdevcrazyfishdev Posts: 283Member
    bingo!!!! that would work great!
  • FrazzleFrazzle Posts: 223Member
    Nevermind, cfd, you're spot on.
    never realised that when i place a block into the scene it annoyingly push the block up 1 pixel.
  • FrazzleFrazzle Posts: 223Member
    It seems to be working now.......
  • crazyfishdevcrazyfishdev Posts: 283Member
    haha np :) gs has some fun little tricks up her sleeves
  • FrazzleFrazzle Posts: 223Member
    Aarrghhh! The problems back!
    Perhaps i should go with plan a (all Dirt blocks) if gs is being a b***h.
  • crazyfishdevcrazyfishdev Posts: 283Member
    yea thats what i would do
  • FrazzleFrazzle Posts: 223Member
    edited April 2012
    (Love how this thread is more of a conversation between us 2 :))
    Anyway, seems to be fixed! Appears that one of the dirt blocks (below the apparent grass block) was half a pixel (?) too high.

    Thanks for the help,FM.
  • crazyfishdevcrazyfishdev Posts: 283Member
    np :)

    good luck with your game and i want to know when its done
  • FrazzleFrazzle Posts: 223Member
    Haha sure thing.
  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,686Member
    edited April 2012
    Even though the blocks//platforms are on the same Y if your hero has a rectangle collision it might still snag.

    I always have the actor set to a circle for platform games this way it will roll over the gaps.

  • SAZ_1SAZ_1 Posts: 397Member
    edited April 2012
    yep its what Darren said... its because your actor is a rectangle... make him a circle, the getting stuck problem will go... or also use tiling and one big actor, which ever suits you better but i think it'l be easier if you just made him a circle.
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