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ellfireellfire Member Posts: 187
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I noticed in the past few days that GS seems to have acquired a pretty big memory leak. It started after I installed the Android SDK and worked on a Android build of my iPad game. After opening the editor, I can sit and watch the RAM usage climb without doing any work. Also, it climbs to 600mbs plus. In the previous version, I never had this issue. Program slows to a crawl pretty quickly when only looking at a few actors. Please help.

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    @ellfire & @teslaX Have you submitted this information via the contact form to Customer Support? Make sure you officially report any findings like this so our team can investigate.


  • EatingMyHatEatingMyHat Member Posts: 1,246
    I noticed that the GS slowdown is back since 91, working a long time starts to make the creator crawl and I have to restart. These issues existed in the past, got resolved and now are back again. I hope they will clean it up in the next release.

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  • ellfireellfire Member Posts: 187
    This something new. Ex.
    1. Open game salad and project. 158mbs.
    2. Scroll through actors window of 127. (Just the thumbnails mind you.) jump to 257mbs.
    3. Open two actors and scroll through contents. Not editing anything mind you, just looking, 493mbs!

    This never happened to me before with this speed until the last update and after installing the Android SDK. Sure after working on something for hours, you get a little leaky, but this makes it almost unusable in a matter of moments. On my home iMac it isn't an issue, but I do a lot of work on a MacBook Air with only 2gb of RAM. It is a killer now when it used to be great.
  • TeslaXTeslaX Member Posts: 8
    I am working on an interactive comic book with 50+ pages and it is so brutal!!!! The memory leak is insane right now, I have to restart every 10-15 minutes.

    @SSS or Gamesalad staff any word on when this will be fixed?
  • ellfireellfire Member Posts: 187
    I will shortly. I was running it on a system with Mountain Lion. Reimaging back to Lion to see if this still occurs.
  • RoksaltRoksalt Member Posts: 87
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    GS has literally become un-useable on my MacBook Pro running mountain lion (2.6gh 8gb ram) I have tried deleting / reinstalling but problems persists...

    I have worked with GS for years now and have seen it get slower / faster with each release and normally have to close and restart every 20 min but with my current project (ipad size game) its gotten to a stage now where it's ridiculously slow the moment I boot it up.

    Is there any way to delete cached library files or something? (I'm really willing to try anything to fix this)
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