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Promote your game to my 4500 followers

EatingMyHatEatingMyHat Posts: 1,246Member

I am in the process of building more traction on my Twitter and Facebook pages, as such I would like to offer Promo Codes for various apps and games. I currently have 1400 Facebook fans and 3100 twitter followers (hence the 4500 total...).

If you would like to promote your game on my page by offering promo codes please do the following:
1. Like my Facebook page and send me a message via Facebook, optionally you might want to follow me on Twitter as well
2. In the message include an iTune link to your game and 3-5 promo codes
3. I will post the game and the promo codes on both Facebook and twitter
4. Other information you might want to share (Youtube link, game reviews, etc.)

Please note:
1. This is free, basically a win-win. You get free promotion, I get to have attractive content on our page - if you don't think it's worth 3-5 promo codes, don't do it
2. I will try not post more than 1 or 2 games per day to avoid spamming
3. I will not post the same game twice in one week, or more than 2 times per month, unless it becomes really popular (based on Likes, Shares, Retweets, Comments, etc.)
4. Good marketing practice will be that once I post your game you will share, like and retweet it, but this is up to you
5. I reserve the right to post or not to post, your promo codes are only for my followers, if I choose not to post them, I will let you know and they will remain unused
6. Make sure that they codes that you send me are exclusive, I would hate to post used (and therefore unusable) codes


PS. A quick comment to this post (bump) if you choose to use this option will be great (keeps it visible for future use...)

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