Can’t transfer photos from iphone to pc!?

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There are some photos in my iphone and I have to transfer them to my pc for editing. So I synced my iphone to computer and open itunes. Normally the pictures will appear on itunes but this time the folder was empty! I really don't know what’s going wrong! Could u pls help me...


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    Open image capture on your mac and you can import them directly to a folder you choose.
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    Well I remember seeing a youtube video saying that it’s because itunes blocked some data when you sync your apple products, so you may try to change some settings to make them unhidden. Unfortunately I don’t have that video right now. but you can google your question “how to transfer photos from iphone to pc” to find that video. Oh and remember to choose "video" tab on the left side to screen the search results, it will help a lot to find the more exact answers.
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    Lets see if I can be of some help :)

    Are you using a Windows or Mac computer?
    I've never been able to use iTunes to sync photos. Dunno why. :P
    Anyhoo, neither of these options require iTunes...

    For Windows, navigate to My Computer, where there will be something that says "Yourname's Iphone". Open it up and keep moving through the files until you get to the "DCIM" folder. This is where your photos will be. From here, you can just copy and paste the photo files into your destination folder.

    For Mac, I find it easiest to use iPhoto. Just open it up and your iPhone should be under the "devices" tab on the left column.

    Best o' luck :D
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    When I connect my iphone to my pc I get an AutoPlay popup that gives me several options to import pictures including "Open device to view files".
    When you're connected to pc your phone should also appear when you look at drives under computer. You can find the photos there also.
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    Open image capture..... And by the way, What on earth is this doing on GameSalad's forum.. This should be on an apple support forum..
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    You could try iPhone browser. this may help. Alternatively just send an email if you can from the iPhone with the picture in the message
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    Is sync photos checked on iTune?
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    I'm going to close this, it's an old(ish) thread in the wrong category with nothing to do with game salad. the poster joined the day this was posted, and ONLY posted this.

    this smells like the typical spam where 1 user asks a basic question, and someone else comes along and answers it with a link to some pay software.
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