Game won't load in the Arcade

SpielgoSpielgo Member Posts: 39
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I released my game, Trail Blazer, in the GS arcade and I have a problem. The game works perfectly until I hit a button I made called 'Press to Start.' When it is pressed it acts like it wants to go to the next scene but never does. It perpetually has a loading wheel and always stays on the menu. The game works perfectly in GS creator so what could the problem be.

Here is a link:


  • crazycam99crazycam99 Paris, FranceMember Posts: 519
    Try to republish it. Otherwise it must be a mistake with your code
  • SpielgoSpielgo Member Posts: 39
    I've tried that several times. It doesn't work.
  • tutysestutyses Member Posts: 134
    I ve the same problem
    If you have tables it wont work (html5 doesnt support tables)
    Start erasing actor and then publish it again
    If it works check the code of the last actor you erased
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