GameSalad Viewer stuck on 'Compressing Game Assets'

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I have searched the forums and tried many things but still I cannot get anything to work on the GS viewer.

When I try and view my game (or any game) using the GS viewer it freezes on 'Connecting to Device' Compressing Game Assets screen. Nothing happens, I tried other simply games, it won't work for anything..

How long would it normally take to load your game on viewer I gave up after numerous attempts..

Using OS X Lion 10.7.3
> Iphone 3gs Version 5.1
> GameSalad 0.9.92
> xCode 4.3.2
> Game Salad Viewer latest version
> Both Mac and Iphone are on same wireless network

Followed instructions to load the viewer on my Iphone..
Using xcode Build Succeeded installed viewer on my phone. Done, but won't connect..

Tried reinstalling xcode, viewer, GameSalad... No Joy..
I have made sure that all of the updates are installed all the in xcode.. Command Line Tools, etc...

Is there anything else I could try? I feel it might be some kind of network issue as the GS viewer installed fine on my phone?

Many thanks,


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  • PimanPiman Posts: 161
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    I get this problem occasionally and and restarting GameSalad, cleaning the Mac with cCleaner and quitting the viewer on the device, restarting etc. help...


  • heathccheathcc Member Posts: 113
    Honestly, I've had this problem for a year now. The viewer worked fine and stopped for reasons I could never identify. I've asked for help, I've sent a Support email (no response, but I love GS anyway) and vigilantly watched for a solution to this same problem.

    I have replaced the Mac, OS, (4) iOS devices, router, GS versions, GS Viewer Builds and just about every other variable. I've tried other networks, ad-hoc network and anything I could think of.

    I wish you luck in solving this. I'd love to use the viewer.

    Until then- I use to deploy ad-hoc builds and it is fast to make a build, upload it and then install from my devices as a true build vs Viewer.

  • TechNoirTechNoir Member, PRO Posts: 117
    Hi guys,

    Just FYI, I called around to a friend's house, and the GS viewer worked first try..He has the exact same Mac as me with the same version of GS but is with different broadband provider.

    So It is something to do with the wireless router i have in my house,, but I don't understand what the problem is because the wireless connects to the Mac and Iphone.. ??

    At least I can test my games.. Though I have to call around to his house each time, which is a little inconvenient :(
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