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Using Word of Mouth to Market Your Games

LaurenSaladLaurenSalad Posts: 650Inactive

How to market games is often a popular topic of discussion in the forums. Developers agree that it can be hard to make a splash and have your app stand out in the competitive App Store. Want to learn how to stand out? Create buzz and gather a following for your games? Well, we have just the thing for you!

GameSalad is proud to present a guest authored blog post by Andy Sernovitz, CEO of and This guest post, found on the GameSalad blog, gives great insight into the world of word of mouth marketing. Andy shares invaluable information for independent game designers looking to build a brand from the ground up. This is incredibly relevant since for indie developers, SO much about marketing a game IS about word of mouth and creating a fan base for your products.

Read the guest post here and start learning:

SHARE WITH US: What do you think about word of mouth marketing? Do any of you have a great story that you could share about how you have used "Word of Mouth" marketing techniques to see success with marketing your game titles?

And if this information was valuable for you- we highly suggest for you to check out the upcoming event by

They are holding a Word of Mouth Crash Course in Austin, TX on May 10. Bringing together 33 incredible marketers to teach these fundamental skills in 12 how-to classes, 12 real-world case studies, and 6 brilliant author sessions.

In this crash course, you'll learn essential word of mouth skills in classes like how to create buzzworthy topics, how to get great reviews, how to create a fan community, and how to measure it all. You'll discover how brands like Dell, Discovery Communications, Threadless, Maker's Mark, Costco, Movember, Domino's, and Boeing earn word of mouth every day.

You'll learn practical, hands-on techniques to get started, earn love from customers, and create amazing word of mouth.

Learn more about the event here:


  • App SurgeApp Surge Posts: 651Member
    Neat! Good read.
  • LaurenSaladLaurenSalad Posts: 650Inactive
    Amazing news!

    If you are interested in attending the Word of Mouth Crash Course event, the organizers have graciously provided a 25% discount for any interested members of the GameSalad community.

    Just enter this passcode at checkout: THANKSGAMESALAD

    View event details and register here:
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