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Figuring out IAP.

gawakamygawakamy Posts: 109Member
edited April 2012 in Tech Support
Hi, GS tech supporters.
I have been figuring out IAP watching cookbook. And I tried to make an example on iTunes Connect for test. But it said that I need to upload some screenshots. However, I could not shot a screenshot as I have no idea whether I have done correctly or not. Do you have any example or template please?


  • MarkOnTheIronMarkOnTheIron Posts: 1,447Member
    Just upload a fake screenshot while testing. Only remember to substitute it when submitting your app because Apple reviewers will use it as a reference.

  • gawakamygawakamy Posts: 109Member
    @MarkOnTheIron I can not make sense about some part of IAP. If I make a purchase page, how the item works? For example, if user purchased $100 coins, then how can I make the user purchase my item? It is too complicated to me. Please help!!
  • MarkOnTheIronMarkOnTheIron Posts: 1,447Member
    In addition to the Cookbooks tutorials you may also want to see the webinar they did on IAP:

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