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Velocity question

fliperamafliperama Posts: 6Member
edited April 2012 in Tech Support
I am making a game with objects like marbles. The balls collide and must stop.
But eventually they do not stop, keeping a small motion.
I created a rule to avoid that.

actor's details:

Drag: 150
Drag Angle: 5
Collision Shape: Circle
density 100
Friction: 10
Restitution: 1
When all conditions are valid:
attribute - self.linear velocity x >= -10 and <0

change attribute - self.linear velocity x to 0

When all conditions are valid
attribute - self.linear velocity x <10 and >= 0

change attribute - self.linear velocity x to 0

I did the same for "self.linear velocity y" and "self.angular velocity" but the balls still maintaining a slight movement.

I put a Display Text When a key is pressed and observed linear velocity x and y keeps ranging from:-4.XXXXXX / 4.XXXXXX.

Sometimes the variation reaches 9 / -9, and reaches 15, 20 decimal.

The question is: The requirements of the rules being followed, but the actor does not follow the rule.
How do I complete stop an actor?

Sorry for the English, do not blame me, blame google translator. :)
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