GameCenter login causes freezing

bazookaBenbazookaBen Member Posts: 318
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i noticed that on a bad internet connection, logging into GameCenter will just freeze the entire app. No timeout whatsoever. This is bad for the user experience (since they have to entirely shut down the app)

any thoughts?


  • MarkOnTheIronMarkOnTheIron Member Posts: 1,447
    Are you sure this is due to the internet connection?

    Because I had the same exact problem a couple of days ago and found that the freeze was caused by a bad rule that attempted to open 3 leaderboards at the same time. After i fixed it I never had the freeze again, and sometimes I have a really bad connection :)

  • bazookaBenbazookaBen Member Posts: 318
    nope it's just the simple login behavior. no other rules involved.
  • MarkOnTheIronMarkOnTheIron Member Posts: 1,447
    Check if there are other actors that have some GC rules that triggers at the same time as your GC login.

    If there are delete them and see if it freezes again (GC could be a pain when it's told to do many things at once :) ). If the problem persist try to contact GS to report it.

  • SparkyidrSparkyidr Member Posts: 2,033
    I have noticed this too. Did a build of an older game of mine as an update....and it totally freezes as the logon is happening. Once the welcome back pops up, it kicks back into life.

    Only 1 GC rule happening at the start of that scene (wrapped in an "after 0.5sec" timer)
  • bazookaBenbazookaBen Member Posts: 318
    @Sparkyidr yep you're right. If you made a simple GC login button, and tap it, the whole game freezes until you're successful. If not, tough luck :(
  • EatingMyHatEatingMyHat Member Posts: 1,246
    same issue... no other GC rule going one, just login with a delay. Game freeze until login is successful.

    If I go out of the app and comeback again it login back automatically (not via the rule) but this login does not freeze, only the behavior login cause a freeze.

    Had to kill the game once on the device. I was on VPN and it couldn't access GC so it just stay on freeze mode...

    This was not what I experienced in previous releases.

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  • bazookaBenbazookaBen Member Posts: 318
    Hope a fix comes soon!
  • SparkyidrSparkyidr Member Posts: 2,033
    edited April 2012
    Hey guys.
    I logged this with support the other day, and have just received this response (although might not be what you were hoping for, it at least gives us some info) :

    Thank you for contacting GameSalad Customer Support.

    The issue you are reporting is one that we are aware of and is intended behavior. When your game sends out the request to log into Game Center, the game is intentionally paused until a response is received from Apple. Based on the forum posts and this ticket, I have forwarded this information on to our development team for review. While no changes may be implemented to this behavior, it has been logged as a request.

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please let us know if we can be of additional assistance.

    So I would suggest sticking your GC logon behaviours on a splash screen or some such, where it doesn't take the user out of the experience as much as it might.
  • bazookaBenbazookaBen Member Posts: 318
    edited April 2012
    that doesn't sound like good design. The game is supposed to be running all the time, and GameCenter activities should entirely be on a seperate thread.

    User experience is severely disrupted.

    You can't put a GC logon on a splash screen, or anywhere. Because if it freezes, the entire game is essentially a throwaway.

    I sent another tech support message, i'm fighting for this one! Please back me up on this, i think this is one of the critical things.

    Everybody please write to customer support at, and link them back to this thread please.
  • SparkyidrSparkyidr Member Posts: 2,033
    edited May 2012
    I deffo agree with you @bazookaben It very much makes the user experience a bad one. It totally feels as though the game has crashed from an end user point of view.

    Also.. it's worth noting, that the behaviour didn't pause the app during logon in previous versions.

    I also did a test, with all of my phone's networking turned off (wifi and 3g data). The behaviour acts in exactly the same way. Pauses the game for a while, and still shows a successful gc logon (which I wasn't expecting)
  • HoneyTribeStudiosHoneyTribeStudios Member Posts: 1,792
    edited May 2012
    Haven't tried GC with the latest GS build yet. Is the pausing a new thing? I always noticed one. Or perhaps it's more prominent now?

    How about bringing up a loading screen/icon before your GC login behaviour. And then a 'continue' button after the login behaviour. As rules are processed in order the 'continue' button should only appear after GC servers have responded when the game is un-paused?

    To GS devs: it would be useful if we could recognise an internet connection. i.e

    If internet connection = true... login to GC
  • bazookaBenbazookaBen Member Posts: 318
    i agree, if internet connection = true, login.

    or just logic without pausing the game!
  • SparkyidrSparkyidr Member Posts: 2,033
    @HoneyTribeStudios in previous versions, it was more of a stutter, or a hiccup as it dod the log on.

    In the latest build of the game I have just done, it literally stops all onscreen action for around 6 seconds.
  • HoneyTribeStudiosHoneyTribeStudios Member Posts: 1,792
    @Sparkyidr - Really? Hmm that doesn't sound great. Then yeah - definitely needs a loading screen so the player doesn't think the game has crashed.

    Sounds like a decision based on some kind of engineering problem rather than what would work from a dev's perspective.

    Hey, @GameTeamOne - talk to your GS coder buddies and try and wok out something that makes more sense for gamers!

    (Options are always good. Like with the in-app browser - we can decide to use it or just go straight to the external website via ios safari. Having the option is better than being forced to use one or the other)
  • EatingMyHatEatingMyHat Member Posts: 1,246
    I just posted a similar post

    However, it is not the same. My issue is not the temporary pause, but an actual freeze that never get released (regardless of the internet connection)

  • scrapee_netscrapee_net Member Posts: 424
    I noticed the same issue. The game freezes like "rotated" on the screen sometimes.
  • EatingMyHatEatingMyHat Member Posts: 1,246
    By rotated do you mean spinning wheel?
  • 3xL3xL Member Posts: 676
    hey guys i was having the same issues. my game would freeze when prompting the leader boards to show. i loaded this action with a timer of 0.2 seconds i believe. i then extended the timer to 1 whole second and the issue disappeared.
  • jckmcgrawjckmcgraw Member Posts: 647
    I see the bug every time I go to play Color Rush Ninja (by the way, great game :D)

    Jack McGraw
  • engdanarengdanar PRO Posts: 74
    Well ya my game get rejected because of this lil pause thing! :(
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