Are there any template for IAP?

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Hi, GS supporters.
I have studied about IAP in cookbook and video in this week, but still can not understand clearly. As my project is a bit diffent from them, and there was something missing in the instruction video. Do you have any IAP template? Please let me know. Thanks.


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    woah you must be a game salad pro dude,
    sorry im just a noobish noob, one day i will be like you tho
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    IAP templates are kind of hard to make, because they rely on your iTunes account info and making sure they are set up in ITC. If you specify what you need help with I'll try to help you though.

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    Not so sound rude, but youve posted this a couple times now and the answer is not going to change.

    Like redsky said the first part is under your dev account, and the cookbook has a step by step part for setting it up with images and everything.

    The second part of adding the behaviors depends on what you want to do and is straight forward. You were also givin the link to documentation where it shows step by step with images, which is the same thing as if you were looking at a project containing iap.
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    @JohnPapiomitis I know that I asked about this issue a couple of times, but my project was messy when I follow the instructions. I don't know which part I need to fix. When I watced the video instruction, there were something missing such as how to make purchasable buttons, how to make spend coins buttons, and etc. Of course, the instructions are great, but it is a bit hard to make sense to me as English is not my first language.
    If you take around 5 mins to understand an instruction, it would be taken around 30mins~1hr to me. Sometimes, I can never make sense what people say. Especially, every words in this forum are very technical. When my American friend came to my country, I asked her to translate some of them. However, even she could not make sense it. She said that the conversations are too hard to understand as they are technical.
    I have struggled with it last week by myself with instructions what GS dudes mentioned, but still could not figure it out. So I asked it again.
    I am curious what different between normal forum and Tech support is. It seems same to me. Are there really GS Tech supporters here? I don't want to argue, just a curiousity.
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