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Good Websites for Really Cheap Prices

Hi everyone,
First off I am going to say I will be using Weebly to develop the site. I am a great at using it and I am looking for work! I am very bored so decided to use my skills and just make them at cheap prices. I will do this for very low prices and update them as many times as needed. I will make websites for around $25, as I am bored and am using weebly. I don't have to much information but all I'm saying is I am willing to do some websites for cheap! I have two websites I have made, one for myself and another for a customer, I will make it however you want, however I will not provide art. So if you would like a website or more info just email me at [email protected]


  • Bar Up GamesBar Up Games Posts: 35Member
    The sample websites I posted I am taking down and coding them. So they might not be looking right when you see them because I am just learning. But if I make your website it will be using Weebly, unless I get good at html coding.
  • Bar Up GamesBar Up Games Posts: 35Member
    I kinda learned to code, so if you would rather it coded I will code it, but it will be a little more.
  • Bar Up GamesBar Up Games Posts: 35Member
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