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a transition problem

nowherejaynowherejay Posts: 83Member
hello! im looking for some help with a transition problem on my scenes. im using the free lightsout template from deep blue apps to make a whack a mole type game. with multiple scenes though, sometimes the *level complete* comes up before you have even even finished whacking out all the cats and skips onto the next secene. ive been looking through the template for days and not coming up with the problem, so id like to send it to a nice person who is far smarter than myself in game salad and see if they can tell me what the problem is. :) there is money in it for you to of course!


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  • nowherejaynowherejay Posts: 83Member
    thanks for the help! ill email you papiomitis. patapple, its not really the transitions that are bad but the transitions come up prematurely, before you even finish the stage lol
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