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problem with collide

odesignodesign Posts: 11Member
Hi all, any idea how to make a collide work with this demo: elasticity DEMO ??

i tried so many times but it seems nobody knows how to make it work, help will be very appreciated !!

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  • odesignodesign Posts: 11Member
    hi, i understand. Do you have a demo to show me using joint and have similar result of the elasticity demo but with joints ?
  • odesignodesign Posts: 11Member
    i know i don't have joints yet, i didn't do this demo, thats why i am trying to find someone who did a demo like this using joints
  • odesignodesign Posts: 11Member
    uh, so how do you actually fix this elasticity demo about colliding the ball with a block ? there is no way ?
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