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scrolling and HUD

TheFrogeekTheFrogeek Posts: 97Member
Hi every one, I'm a new french frog making some games with gamesalad and I have a big problem.
My scene is larger than the screen, to go to the end of the scene the camera follow my character by a scrolling, at this point I hope that every one understand my unperfekt english...
The problem is: when the camera is scrolling, some objects on offset (score, life, control...) shakes -_-!
More information maybe:

There are 13 objects on offset.
First time this problem appeared for a scene of 5000 pixels width and 720 pixels height.
Now the problem appear for scene 25% longer than the screen... it's getting worth.

Can someone help me?

Thank you

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  • TheFrogeekTheFrogeek Posts: 97Member
    Thank you a lot beefy_clyro! You will go to heaven for this (and me in hell with stupid people)!

    Have a nice day! Youhou!
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