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Windows Creator FAQ

SaladStraightShooterSaladStraightShooter Austin, TxPosts: 3,081Member, Chef Emeritus
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Q: Why GameSalad Creator for Windows?

Over the years we've received countless requests from Windows users around the world asking us to bring GameSalad to the Windows platform. It pained us to turn away so many interested developers, and with the recent additions of HTML5 and Android publishing, supporting the Windows community made a lot more sense.

Q: How do I download Creator for Windows?

GameSalad Creator for Windows is currently in Closed Beta. We will be opening up slots in this Beta period over the next few weeks. To sign up for an invite to our Closed Beta, go to the GameSalad for Windows sign up page and submit your email address.

Q: What are the minimum specs?

GameSalad Creator for Windows is currently supported on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. 2GB of RAM required and 4GB of RAM is recommended.

Q: Are Creator for Windows and Mac perfectly compatible?

GameSalad Creator for Windows is currently at version 0.9.92 Beta, meaning that it is compatible with Creator for Mac 0.9.92. Please keep in mind that we expect Creator for Mac 0.9.93 Beta to be released very soon, and there may be a few hiccups with transferring files from Mac Creator 0.9.93 to Windows Creator 0.9.92. We are working to keep those hiccups to a minimum. Most behaviors should function fully as expected, though behaviors that have been modified for 0.9.93 on Mac may see some unexpected results in Windows Creator. Game projects are fully transferable from Windows to Mac, using the 'export' function.
We will work to maintain version sync following the release of 0.9.93 for Windows.

Q: Can I publish to iOS from Creator for Windows?

Apple currently requires app binaries to be published on a Mac, using developer certificates. At present, iOS projects must still be built through GameSalad Creator for Mac and then submitted through your iTunes Connect Developer Account using your developer certificates. We're currently exploring alternatives to provide a solution for Windows users, and will have more information in the coming weeks and months.

Q: How do I transfer a project from Windows to Mac Creator?

You can freely do this transition without having to worry about version numbers. All Windows projects should open up on a Mac. To transfer your project from Windows to Mac:
1. Open your project in Windows Creator
2. Select the 'export' option in the file menu
3. Take your exported project over to a Mac computer
4. Open the project in Mac Creator
Q: How do I publish from Windows Creator?

Concurrently with the debut of Windows Creator, we've introduced a brand new publishing flow, completed entirely through your browser. For more information, please check out our tutorial on Web Publishing in GameSalad Cookbook.

Q: Why does Windows Creator look so different?

We've been working on a revamp of the classic GameSalad UI for a while now. We took some creative liberties with the Windows Creator to rethink much of our UI from the ground up. For some of our Mac users, certain elements of the new UI may be a bit foreign and disruptive to your accustomed workflow. We wanted to be sensitive to this, so the plan is to continue to gather user feedback on the Windows UI, refine it over the coming weeks and then settle on a strong, professional, unified experience that will be rolled out across both versions of Creator.

Q: I'm still on Windows XP, do I have to update Windows?

GameSalad Creator for Windows is not currently supported on Windows XP. We understand that many PC users still actively use XP as their OS of choice. We are working to provide XP compatibility and hope to provide that supports in a future update.

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