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I am planning on supporting Kindle Fire and Nook Color and their respective stores for my game. However, what about other Android devices, like phones? Could I publish an iPhone version of my game as an Android game and sell it in the Android Market? If so, what screen resolution is recommended?

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    Yes, I would recommend just doing Amazon Kindle and Nook. So far, Google Play seems pretty bunk. Tshirtbooth is spot on about fragmentation, Android is a total mess in that way, it sucks.

    Kindle and Nook stores are curated similar to Apple, and seem much better, although I've just very recently published to both of them so who knows how sales will be. Google Play has essentially no review process it seems, if you can upload your stuff successfully that seems to be the only requirement, lol.
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    I've seen it with the business apps I've worked on. It's a nightmare to support. However, it's hard to just ignore a large market like that. I think I want to upload something there to Google Play, but I need to research to find out what resolution is going to look/work the best on the majority of devices.

    The Kindle/Nook version I'm doing is being specifically tailored to those devices (and tested on the Kindle Fire).
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    I hear you, that's why I uploaded to Google Play as well because it's such a huge market. Time will tell, I've only had stuff up there for a few days and sales have been not too bad, but of course the first review I get is from someone who bought one of my apps, was excited about it, but due to fragmentation it doesn't work on their particular phone so they gave a 2 star review. :/
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