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AdHoc GC score not posting solution found!!

LumpAppsLumpApps Posts: 2,868Member
edited May 2012 in Tech Support
I have had this problem myself and seen many with this problem on the forums.

When you have an AdHoc and test Game Center the scores are not posting. Not even after a couple of days.

A bit of googling gave me the suggestion that you need more then one account posting on your score table before something shows up.

Do the following:
Open up the GC app, log out and log in. Then GC asks if you want to use an existing account or a new one. Create a new one and go through the forms.

Open your app, if it ask to log in use the second account, post a score and there is your new score and the score from your other account. (you need to have had a score posted in your old account)

I did get a message saying I didn't completely set up my second account but dismiss and it still works.

Hope this helps. :-B
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