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Simple game development

cnmeyer1980cnmeyer1980 Posts: 211Member, PRO
Hi guys,

I have an idea for a very simple game that I would love developed.

I'm more of a designer than programer, and would need someone from the GS community who has good experience of GS.

The game is a endless runner type game, but with a bit of a twist.

I've found a few examples on the app store of games that are very similar to what I hope to achieve, however, if you could email me on [email protected] with examples of projects you've worked on, than I can send you all the details you need regarding this.

The game isn't massive at all, one of those games that you can play for a couple of minutes, and then play again later, so its not a HUGE in-depth game.

I reckon it would take someone with the technical knowhow a couple of hours to put together, but if you could email me, we can discuss it further.




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