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Can not work (freeze) on low resolution and version 4.X device (3gs or 3rd touch)

lotustarrylotustarry Posts: 3Member
edited June 2012 in Tech Support
Hi, guys,

I am using the latest version of GS and viewer (0.9.92), xcode4.2, SDK IOS 5.0. I use GS viewer on the ipad2(5.0.1) and touch4 (5.0.1), it works fine. But i try to use GS viewer to the lower device, touch3(4.3) and touch2(4.2.1), it can't work! The GS viewer shows the FPS 0 and it freeze on the device(only sound). I think it maybe the GS viewer's problem, so i publish a template to make a ipa file. I install it to the ipad2 and it works but i install it to the 4.x version of touch2 and touch3, it's the same problem as GS viewer: the screen is total freeze. I found some guys have the same problems but they don't get a good solution.

Any one can help?
Thanks very much!
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