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I need this play mechanic built into a blank ipad/landscape template. I checked the GameSalad MarketPlace and I did not see a game that uses it or else I would just buy from there.

Contact me direct at

*Price discussed once contacted. Please make sure you know how to build this prior to contacting me, no scammers.


1)iPad landscape mode.

The screen is two parts. On the left side I want to be able to touch an item (let's use a ball) and drag it around. It stays with my finger as long as I stay on the left side of the screen and don't lift up my finger. If I lift up my finger, the ball would fall to the ground, bounce. If I cross the middle of the screen, the ball would drop to the ground, bounce. The ball will always be affected by gravity, so the starting and ending position should be at the bottom of the screen.

I want to be able to flick that ball over to the right side of the screen. So depending on the height, angle and speed when I release the ball. (from the left side of the screen), the ball will fly to the right side of the screen and drop, bounce, depending on speed/gravity.


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    This can easily be made from FMG's free actor flick demo. I'll check my computer when I get home in the morn to see if I have the file. Don't bother paying someone for this it should be very easy to make from that demo. You should have my email address already but if not just pm me through the forum and remind me.

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    Here you go:

    Price = one GameSalad Pro subscription to one randomly selected person who responded to your RFP before this was posted.
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    Thanks to you both, much appreciated. That Template is close to what I am trying to do but not quite it. The touch to pick up is close but it is the flinging part I am struggling with.

    Seems like it should be fairly easy to do, not sure why I am having trouble with it.

    @tenrdrmer Yes, I have your email. I am going to send you an email tonight, just look it over when you get a chance. Thanks...Paul
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    Hey we all struggle with the flinging part at times. The first step of any twelve step program is to admit it. Now if I could only remember what step two is!

    (You might want to go into the otherwise part and just start messing with numbers to get the right amount of 'fling'.)
    @bazookatime Hey man, is it anything like the mechanic in my basketball game? I could whip that up for you super quick.
    And I would do it all for the low price of free.99... At least if I understand what you are trying to do correctly.
    Well, since I have used that mechanic in like 3 games, I went ahead and whipped you up project file. It should be sitting in your inbox. Hope that helps, if its not just right let me know.
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    edited June 2012
    Alright heres FMG's Throw/Flick Demo with some customizations to only work on half the iPad Screen. Let me know if you have any issues downloading

    alright the attachment thing doesn't seem to be working so heres a dropbox link
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    Wow...lots of help. Thanks to everyone, this topic can be closed.

    @tenrdrmer thanks.

    @mELTINGsKYsTUDIOS Thank You, that was exactly what I needed.
    @bazookatime Youre welcome man. If you need to change the sensitivity just change the number in the front of the equations. The higher, the more sensitive. Works well when you adjust the physics of the ball as well. I would love to see what you are using it for!
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