PAID looking for remake of game mechanic.

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Ok, I have something done with atributes but would like the same system to work using tables instead.
These are essentially the different atributes that are in the game:

*next level
*progress bar
*practice pts
*perform pts
*practice time
*perform time
*total time invested
*number of songs known
*Max minute play time (song lengths added together)

I want two song slots and the "home" screen which I show exactly what they do on the video here:

I'll give you the graphics you need if you accept the job. When I did this using attributes, I was able to do it in about two hours so hopefully you can do this in a day. It would be super helpful if you could leave little notes showing what you did, but it is not required : P

You don't need to make the "my songs" room you see on the video that displays a song list. Just "home", "song1", and "song2".

I'd also like you to have a saving system so that things save after a change is made. I'll provide you with the original file so you can see exactly how everything works below:

So please let me know how much you'd charge for this and how long you will take to do it. I'm a college student so I don't have much money, hopefully I can afford it (I'll pay through paypal). If you have any questions please ask! Thank you.


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    Sent you a PM.
  • HRQPHRQP Member Posts: 26
    Ok, sent you an email.
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    @sfstudent … the youTube link goes to my videos … and not yours!

    well it was nice to see one of my old ones … so thanx!

    can you change that link … so I can see your work?
    is this your song book?

    EDIT: ah! I see it is! … the link for the project download works fine!
    Great work you want to do!

    image MH
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    I took the video id of the first link and replace the id of another link with it. Its pretty nice though.
  • HRQPHRQP Member Posts: 26
    Someone got the job. Thank you all who sent me a message and wanted to help!
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