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fadamionfadamion Posts: 309Member, PRO
I am looking for 3 people to test our game. The pay is $15 for each tester.
We need feedback on game play difficulty curve, fairness of game and coin system vs other top games in the app store.
Also if you find errors. I am looking for decent feedback not just "good game".

We will be using testflight and paying with paypal.
This will need to be done within 2 days of delivery.

Your help would be appreciated,
Fusion Affect Dev Team

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  • fadamionfadamion Posts: 309Member, PRO
    Thanks guys waiting for 1 more :)
  • fadamionfadamion Posts: 309Member, PRO
    edited June 2012
    Thanks. I'm going to use all 4 so we will get you the game by tue or wed pay will be given on return of reviews and thoughts on making game smoother.
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