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GingerBGamesGingerBGames Member Posts: 390
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Hello GS'ers,

I just wanted to bring up what I think may be a bug, since the last update every time I test an app on my device, no apps have music or sounds playing any more. Again, on only the "currently testing" apps I'm developing. I'm not sure if anyone else has been experiencing this bug or not, but I just wanted to bring it up. If someone could contact me about this on a possible fix, I would greatly appreciated it.

Thank you.


  • JustMe74JustMe74 Member, PRO Posts: 542
    Did you turn the sound off or the volume all the way down on your device?
  • GingerBGamesGingerBGames Member Posts: 390
    I found the problem, it was in the code, I had trigger the sounds when "ALL" are true, instead of when "Any" are true. Thank you for you help.
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