No connection between Viewer and GameSalad

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two weeks ago, I successful install the viewer on my Mac and on my iPod tough. Then I was able, without problems, testing my apps on the iPod touch device.
Then last week I install the new version of XCode, new version of GameSalad and download a new version of the viewer.

I change values in XCode of the viewer, after change provisioning profile and download them.
I also connect both devices with the viewer app and they get both the software on it (my old touch and my new iPad).

That is my issues:
When starting the WiFi-Connection on my MacMini (I have no router, but 2 weeks ago, it runs like that), I can choose in the WLan-Menu of the touch and of the iPad my MacMini and connect him. When I then start GameSalad and start the app on the touch, I get the message "Connected to wifi, GameSalad Creator Not Found", but GameSalad is running, but there is no Button next of the Preview-Button for test on the iPod-Device ?!

What must I do to get it run on?

Best, MArco
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