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Situation : When the actor collide with the platform, actor move to the right, and several movable platforms. these platforms are subdivided into 2 type, having the index of 1 and 2. when i try to drag upward the platform-index-1, all platform having the index of 1 move upward and platforms having 2 as index moves downward. when a they hit the lowest boundary they automatically bounced upward and vice versa.

in moving the movable platform up and down, im manipulating its y-axis increased by 1.

I made to centralized an attribute on a game, name vertical_speed and replace the "1" on the movable platform.

Problem: When i decreased the vertical_speed (real attribute type) into 0.5, the actor when collide with the movable platforms stop. but when i return to "1" the vertical_speed it run smoothly.

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    sorry my poor logic have made me this way. but its working now thanks.
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