Actors stutter while moving

YarikYarik Member Posts: 15
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Need help here guys,since last 2 updates any moving actors stutter.

Please check out project I created.its called My Great Salad
thnx in advance.


  • MobileRocketGamesMobileRocketGames Member Posts: 128
    That's not quite enough info.
    How are you moving the actors, do they have a lot of other behaviours attached to them?
    Is the scene code-heavy?
    Do you have any display text behaviours in the scene?
    Are you using alot of timers?
    Is the whole scene lagging (framerate) or just the actors?
  • TheNovikovTheNovikov Member Posts: 1
    Check out the project he mentioned(My Great Salad).Look closely for about 30 seconds.
    I'm having the same issues.
    It started a couple updates ago,no matter how "lightweight" the project is.
  • YarikYarik Member Posts: 15
    all blind?
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