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I have been trying to preview an app on my itouch using .94 beta of gamesalad. The game is in landscape mode, but when using the viewer, it puts it in portrait mode and cuts off half of the screen. The app still works the preview orientation is all wrong. I have tried a portait app in preview and it works fine, but all of my landscape apps arent in the right orientation in GS viewer. Any ideas as of why it may be doing this?

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  • scrapee_netscrapee_net Posts: 424
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    I recompiled now, iOS viewer .92 and it worked fine with xcode 4.5 beta and ios 6 beta. So, it's some bug related to Galesalad Viewer 0.94


  • fedifedi Member, PRO Posts: 31
    hi, switch on autorotation on your device , it will auto rotate in landscape direction
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    sounds like you need to update the orientation settings of every scene
  • scrapee_netscrapee_net Member Posts: 424
    This is mine. An iPhone project.

    Compiled using the new xcode beta.
  • scrapee_netscrapee_net Member Posts: 424
    What is the iOS version you're using?
    iOS 6 beta.

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    I have the same issue after upgrade to 94. (I didn't do the 93 update so can't comment on that) Thought is was with everyone though so didn't mention. I have iOS 5.1.1
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    I'm having the same issue. I'm running an iPad Landscape game on Viewer 0.10.00 and it shows up in portrait mode, cropped. No matter how I set Autorotate in my scene.

    iOS 5.1 and GS 0.10.00
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    Having the same problem - Orientation bung on with viewer 0.94 + iOS 6 + xcode 4.5.1
    any fix other than reverting back to an older viewer?
    The pixel ratio is correct in portrait (for my landscape game), but very stretched in landscape - unusable! gerp!
  • joshuawildejoshuawilde Member Posts: 96
    @SaladStraightShooter any update?
    I too am having the same problem and it is very frustrating.
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    I had the same problem just that a scene went into landscape mode in sted of portrait mode. Some how I fixed it when I changed to "Leagacy iPhone Portrait", saved and ran the game; then changed it back to "iPhone Portait", and then everything worked. :)

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