Beta Testers Needed - Paid Job

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Hello everyone,

Ventora Studios will be releasing there first game in the next couple of weeks and are ready to start the beta testing phase. This is a paid position that you will need to apply for. We are looking for five solid GS users to help with this job and we have a list of what exactly you need to do. Although we are taking applications from anyone, we are looking for either a Sous Chef or a Line Cook to apply. But, if your solid member and you can show it, your welcome to send in your application.

Job - Play through our entire game and help us find any bugs. If a bug is spotted, write it down and report it. We are mostly looking for bugs and we also want your feedback. That's it! Most importantly, we want you to have fun playing.

Requirements - Must be 18+

Device - iPad, iPad 2, The New iPad, Kindle, or a Nook.

Pay - $50 via PayPal or a $50 iTunes GiftCard. Your choice!

How to Apply - To apply please email us at with the subject "Beta Tester."

Thank you all for reading this and good look to all who apply!

-Ventora Studios Support Team


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