added Pro features now my games laggy. help please..

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I upgraded to pro a couple of days ago and Iv added achievements, leaderboards and I.A.P to my game.
All these features work perfectly but when I test It on my iPad there is quite a lot of lag.
I had the same problem before when the interstitial ads kept popping up and that was lagging my game.
when I updated the lag was gone.
Now the Pro triggers, (achievement unlocked) (post score) ect. keep popping up could this be whats causing it?
I do use a lot of timers in my game is this a big problem?
Would this lag disapear when I publish the game or would it be like it is when I test it?

I would really Appreciate help with this.

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    Not sure what causing the lag (timers is a good candidate), but if you are testing an AdHoc, this is exactly how your game will behave when you publish it.

    I have a lot of achievements being updated and triggered (you might want to make sure not to trigger them multiple times for nothing), but it never caused any lag.

    Check your rules, reduced your use of timers (there was a good thread on that recently), reduce your use of Constrain Attribute, try to recycle instead of Spawn/Destroy and so on...



  • gameviccigamevicci Member, PRO Posts: 305
    I have exactly the same problem.
    I put the interstitial ad, then when it load the next scene, first 3-4 seconds are "skipped",
    so for example all levels start with the camera on the finish line, then the camera move to the main actor.

    Now the camera is directly on the main actor, so first seconds are skipped.

    Is it possible to fix it?
  • Dazza006Dazza006 Member Posts: 248
    What I found my problem was when the ads popped up it lagged.
    What I done was made it so the achievements only updated once, by making an attribute.
    Achievement earned: false
    When the achievement was trigged change it to true and save.
    So this stopped the ad popping up all the time and helped me out.
    I would suggest trying to stop the ads from showing alot, also I was trying to sign straight in to game center, by putting a log in button stopped the ad from popping up every time I started testing this helped.
    Hope this helped
  • gameviccigamevicci Member, PRO Posts: 305
    But the timer of the next level starts some seconds the player can see the level, so there's no way to fix it, GameSalad team please fix it in 0.95!
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