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Here's my problem, I have a table that keeps track of how many lives my actor has. While testing within Gamesalad everything works perfectly but when I test on my iPad the values aren't the same. For example, if my table says there are 3 lives set for level one, while testing in gamesalad there are 3 live but while testing on iPad there are 5 lives. If anyone could help figure out why this is happening, I would really appreciate it. Thanks

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    @orbz Just an FYI Answered just means a comment was left. The OP has to accept the answer to receive the Answered checkmark.

    It would be important to mention in the future you were testing on the viewer and on an Ad-Hoc. Those are two completely different test environments. In the future if your having viewer issues go ahead and publish an adhoc build as sometimes the viewer acts up. If its still a problem Then you know for sure there is an issue with your build.


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