Joystick/Thumbstick serious GS problem.

DanielDoeDanielDoe Member Posts: 307
Today I've noticed some serious problems with GS joysticks (both from free gs template and deep blue apps paid one)

Always when you touch the joystick actor get immediatly position 0 which cause some serious problems and ugly visual effect.
You can see it when the actor is big, when the contrast between actor and background is high and when you use some kind of torch.

Please check the youtube link to see what I mean:

Please let me know if there is any way to avoid this bug?

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  • ashtmjashtmj Posts: 405
    Accepted Answer
    for my game BeyondDead
    (link to free version if you'd like to look at it)

    I made the constrain rotation only take effect if the thumb stick's X position is + or - 50 from the base, so it kind of locks the angle unless you drag the stick out, while this doesn't all together fix the issue, it does look a little better :)


  • DanielDoeDanielDoe Member Posts: 307
    Thanks, I'll try that :) Just downloaded the free version of your game and the thumbsticks work great - can't see any bugs... :)
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