Is interpolate broken in 9.94?

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I've been having the weirdest behavior from the interpolate function - ease in/out produce a horribly unusable bezier curve like "bounce"( i.e the actor will move past the final destination point, then bounce back it).
Linear also will move my actor way off from it's initial position before interpolating to the final destination.
Is this a known bug?

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    Thanks for your replies.
    After a frustrating few days, I got the behavior working.
    It seemed to be if I had an interpolate on an actor straight out of the gate - it would freakout.
    I Still don't understand why, but by putting a [after .05] timer on the interpolate it functioned correctly. The only thing I can think is that the interpolate was conflicting with the actors initial position setup *shrug*


  • SquareHeartSquareHeart Member, PRO Posts: 69
    Also finding [Move to] is producing odd and random movement..sigh.
    e.g - 2 actors occlude the game area - like a Metal door. when scene is started the 'doors' open - [ move to X pos.]
    when a player dies the 'doors' crash back together (for which UI would then pop up over the doors)
    Doors open fine, but will not close back [move to] if the actors have gone out of the scene -
    if I leave 5 pixels worth of actor onscreen - the [move to] behavior will trigger, but will not if otherwise. It will occasionally trigger when closing and offscreen, but the actor will overshoot their [move to] position by a massive margin (like, 300- 800 px).
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    The Move To behavior bug is known and I doubt they will ever do something about it (it's been here for ages).

    As for the Interpolation behavior I'm not experiencing any problem so far.

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    Here is how you fix the move to behavior. The problem with move to is it's not accurate to the decimal place, so make two real self attributes in your actor call the X & Y then constrain the actors location to them but in the second part use the floor expression to round off the decimal places and then link your move to to those self attributes..this will make the actor stop when it's in the approximate location.
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