Bugs that MUST be fixed ASAP

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Currently, you can't use GS to publish a new game for the Mac App Store or create a Kindle Fire/Nook Color specific app. These are some MAJOR issues that need to be addressed.

The issues:

1). Mac sandboxing issue; all new apps submitted to the Mac App Store are rejected. Reported to support, no ETA given. (Forum thread: http://forums.gamesalad.com/discussion/45225/be-rejected-because-there-is-no-sandbox-in-mac-appstore/p1)

2). Android apps designed specifically for Kindle Fire/Nook Color (i.e. created at 1024x600 resolution) do not display properly on those devices (shows black bars). Trying to set the resolution to 1024x580 to accommodate the toolbar does NOT correct the issue. Reported to support, no ETA. (Forum thread: http://forums.gamesalad.com/discussion/44838/black-bars-on-the-sides-of-a-kindle-fire-build)

3). Hibernate Bug on Android - Hibernate on scenes larger than the camera area causes the camera position to be moved. Reported to support; bug acknowledged. Support suggested logic to move the camera back to 0,0. This does NOT work. (Forum thread: http://forums.gamesalad.com/discussion/44404/hibernate-bug-on-android)

4). Garbled sound on Android. Sound effects are generally unusable on Android devices. Many threads. Need an ETA on when this is going to be fixed.


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