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My HTML5 game is NOT working

niranjanoakniranjanoak Posts: 4Member
edited July 2012 in Tech Support
I have just published my simple shooting game using GameSalad's HTML5 publishing wizard.
Here is the URL of my game.
It's absolutely NOT working as designed.
How can I take it down OR un-publish from GameSalad's arcade?

Please help.
TIP: The same game rocks on iPhone.


  • niranjanoakniranjanoak Posts: 4Member
    You can't remove games from the Arcade, but you can 'Update' it by loading up a blank project.
    @uptimistik Okay. That can take care of one thing.
    But I would like to know why it's NOT working on HTML5 platform.
    What I am doing wrong?
    Do I need to compromise on any features to make it work properly on HTML5 platform?
    Can you please let me know?
    Appreciate it.
    Nick Oak
    Austin, TX

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