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Help making a button that stops player and initiates other actors movement and vice versa...

robot dragonrobot dragon Posts: 0Member
edited July 2012 in Tech Support
Im having a difficult time to set up rules for a button, i want the player to move forward and tilt controls up and down when "button 1" pressed. Then when "button 2" is pressed i want the player to stop and to spawn one actor and use the same controls as the player then when "button 2" is released the actor is destroyed. Kind of like that mario game were you switch off between mario and Luigi and they have different roles. I have all ready gotten the movements of the player set but not to the buttons.


  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,687Member
    Sounds like you need a game integer or a boolean and add the following to the move rules along with changing the state when the button is pressed.

    If you use a game.integer set to 1 hero 1 will move if its set to 2 hero 2 will move.

    Boolean player2 move = false then hero 1 will move if true hero 2 will move.

    Either will work.

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