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Codesign error for specific provision profile?

Dsgkid595Dsgkid595 Posts: 2Member
edited July 2012 in Tech Support
So I am trying to publish my game using my distribution profile but i keep receiving the codesign error telling me to check and make sure my certificates and the profile is valid. Heres the kicker: it game will publish when i use my development profile. What already did was revoke my distribution certificate and install the new one, create a new distribution profile and install that, and it still receives the same error.

also, I am new to these forums so if anyone has a link to a situation like this that ha already been resolved please let me know. I didn't realize that for $99 you would get this much of a headache.

Best Answer

  • fadamionfadamion Posts: 309Member, PRO
    Accepted Answer
    Just keep messing with it you will get it to work. And the problem is what it says your certificate or profile is not valid i know you think it is, but its not. Start from scratch and watch a tutorial. And yes prove. sucks...
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