Locking and Unlocking Levels

milad132milad132 Member Posts: 3
Hi there I was wondering if when I create locked and unlocked levels, do they remain locked/unlocked after the game has been closed and re-opened. In fact, with any feature in GameSalad, even if the owner of the phone double clicks the iPhone's home button and closes the app from running in the background, will the levels remain unlocked? I know this may seem like a stupid question but I am unable to test this at the moment and have some doubts.

Thanks for reading (and answering).

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  • HC_DKHC_DK Posts: 92
    Accepted Answer
    Not by default but if you SAVE your Table or Attribute, whatever you use, when new level is unlocked the user can shut down completely and the progress is saved.
    If you use Attributes for this remember to LOAD the attribute when launching the game.



  • milad132milad132 Member Posts: 3
    Oh yh, I just watched the tutorial in full and just noticed that lol, thanks anyway :D
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