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Hey Everyone,

I have been working with game salad for a while and I believe that it is strong enough to make a couple of my game designs. I am currently working on a game to learn how to use the game salad logic, however I would like to have another game going as well.

So about the game.
I have most of the art for the game done for the game. This game would have a simple menu like angry birds. The gameplay is similar to Saving Yelo and Sour Fling, those are both Free so you could download them or watch them on youtube. Its basically a sling game but like golf where you sling, then you sling again where it landed until you reach the end point. At first I wasnt sure if this would work with game salad but I think it is possible. I have a game document that I would send so you could understand the game.
I would then want to know how long you think it would take to program this game, I was thinking it would take about a month since game salad is fast.
This would be a contract job and I would want to know how much you think it would be after looking at the game document.

Please email me at vertigo11189@gmail.com


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  • EricTippettEricTippett Member Posts: 45
    Extra Note

    Please email me your previous work.

    Also I will need you to sign an NDA to protect my design, art and everything else.

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