Save Levels in gamesalad

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I have read many discussion about that but still don't understand!
Help me please i don't know how to save and load levels(
Can you in detail explain me how to do this.
Please explain how to- if I unlocked 4 levels and quit the game ,4 levels be unlock when I come in!
I explain how to work my level system:
I have 20 levels
I have 20 boolean attributes

My levels unlock than I destroy actor
RULE - Touch is Pressed
lvl 2 -true

Than my lock actor destroy
RULE lvl 2 is true
destroy actor


  • pavelpavel Member Posts: 34
    Please help!
  • decaoeudecaoeu PRO Posts: 61
    Iam pretty new to gamesalad to, but i think the best way to do that, is to create a attribute called UNLOCKEDLVL, so when the guys start each level they change the UNLOCKEDLVL attribute to the level number lets say 4.

    So you create a rule that says, if UNLOCKEDLVL is = < than 4, this level is open. Also every time you change the UNLOCKEDLVL attribute you save the attribute, using the SAVE ATTRIBUTE behavior, and them every time you open the game, just load attribute, with the load attribute behavior.

    This also, may help:
  • pavelpavel Member Posts: 34
    Thank you very much!
    I try to do this!:)
  • alarm656alarm656 Member Posts: 291
    Thank you very much!
    I try to do this!:)
    Здравствуйте Павел у вас получился?
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    Yes unlock level but the problem is that if while playing a level if you cross a level and still go back to level select or menu, you need to check whether the unlock level needs to be added or not. I had to load and save in each button the value of unlock level. If stage fails, the unlock level will remain same if stage complete then it will increase the unlock so the next stage unlocks.
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