Developer needed for a Quiz game

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I am new to Gamesalad and I have been preparing a quiz game. I have bought the templates and all that will be needed is to upload the assets (this can be done by either myself or the developer).

As I am new to Gamesalad I am not sure how to go about testing and publishing the app. It is an iphone app and I want to publish it on iTunes directly. However, I do not have a Mac, which makes this quite difficult.

So I will need a developer to help me with the following:

1. Build the app using the templates.
2. Test the app through Testflight.
3. Show me how to use iAds on the app.
4. Show me how to publish the app on iTunes.
There may be a few more things, but nothing major.

The developer will have to sign an NDA.

Please reply to my email address on

The fee will be discussed at a later stage. Also, I will need to see what work you have done in the past.


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