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Just upgraded to Pro...but account still says free

redlotusdesignzredlotusdesignz Posts: 65Member, PRO
edited July 2012 in Tech Support

I just recently purchased the Pro membership. I logged out and logged back in Gamesalad Creator but my pro behaviors are not showing. It's been over 2 hours since I purchased the membership.

Help? :(


  • stackpoolestackpoole Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaPosts: 473Member, PRO
    edited July 2012
    Hi mate,

    Just wait a little longer, no need to worry, if it still is free and you think theres something wrong, just contact gamesalad support..

    "The GameSalad Support Form is found in the footer of our website. See: under the Support Category."

    Sydney Swans 2014!!

  • redlotusdesignzredlotusdesignz Posts: 65Member, PRO
    I did contact Support. I haven't heard anything from them yet.
    Could it be because I purchased the membership on a weekend?
  • redlotusdesignzredlotusdesignz Posts: 65Member, PRO
    Ok I have it now. Thanks!
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