Seeking Bids for Interactive Stroybook Coding

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Hey Folks -

I'm working with a Web-based developer that's got a lot of Hollywood and Interactive Web background who are now interested in diving into the Interactive Storybook market. The team has a solid Art, Audio, and Design staff, but are lacking a good engineering team that can put all the Art and SFX assets together into solid, well-polished, and affordable Interactive Storybooks.

The team is willing to provide all Art assets, SFX, and even story-board blueprints & interactivity elements for each page, making this a simple assembly job.

What I'm looking for are rough bids for building out the apps and stitching them up so they can be submitted to Apple and then onto the Kindle Fire / Nook. Ballpark $-figures are fine initially, along with development time estimates. (Granted, these figures will be updated when project specifics are shared, Non-Disclosure Agreements are signed, etc.)

Two great examples of the level of complexity, length, and interactivity are as follows:

Luna Kettlebottom and the Magic Cauldron Society - Vlad and the Beanstalk

Luna Red

Both apps are free, so pull them down and review. Also, don't hesitate to hit me up with questions or comments.

We're looking to do several Interactive Stories so the right candidate would likely be able to find repeat work.




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    Hey there,

    We can discuss over email, if you drop me a message on that would be cool

    Cheers and speak soon
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    Looks good
  • outsidethebyteoutsidethebyte Member Posts: 115
    Visit my website at

    I can provide references from studios I'm currently working with.

    Contact me at

  • KnightStarKnightStar Member Posts: 162
    We're still seeking potential candidates - but please be ready to provide samples of your work, specifically in the ballpark of Interactive Stories..

    - J
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    I am part owner of Gleeson Group Media and we own a golden book property Kate Gleeson's Little Beasties and have Developed two apps so far from her 26 books.
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    Message me on GS. I might be interested in taking on this project.
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    I have had work with interactive stories/adventure click through games.
    Email me at for examples and references/ further discussion about your project
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    i think i picked up an interactive book template before, message me
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    Hey folks -

    We're still looking for bids but I'd like to update my bid request - I'd be interested in cost+time estimates on porting the first Luna KettleBottom interactive storybook into GS so it can be submitted for the Kindle Fire and Nook tablets. See the original post for the iTunes link to the FREE book and check it out.

    Just like I originally indicated, we'd provide all the assets (Art, VO, Music, etc.) and we'd be simply looking at how much it would cost to port and how long it would take.

    Please be ready to provide samples of your work as this would be a paid professional assignment and we'd like to use this as a potential stepping stone contract for future work.

    Thanks a bunch!

    - J
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    I have sent you a GS message. looking forward to your reply
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    Hi @JCB - I send a PM - or contact me
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