Critical bug when duplicating actor and deleting custom attribute

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I reported this as a bug, but I'm repeating it here in the forums because this MUST be fixed in the next update. It leads to data loss and corruption of your project.

How to reproduce:

Create a blank project

Create an Actor

Give the Actor a custom attribute, data type shouldn't matter but I tested with Integer

Give the Actor a behavior that uses the expression editor. I tested with Display Text and also tried it with a Rule, any behavior should work as long as it has the 'e'

Set the Behavior's expression to the custom attribute

Duplicate the actor with Cmd+C, Cmd+V

Go into the Actor Copy and delete the custom attribute

Return to the original Actor and look at the behavior's expression. It is now 0 instead of the custom self attribute that you had set it to.

It seems like deleting the custom attribute from the copy is effecting the rules in the original!!! :(

Please fix this
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