Controls locking up

CobraBladeCobraBlade Member Posts: 97
edited August 2012 in Tech Support
Okay, so I've got my actor all set up. Left key makes them run left, right makes them run right, up makes them look up and down makes them duck. That all works fine and there are no problems there.

Now I've also got it so if you push the fire key the character will shoot. This can be used with the other keys so you can also shoot while looking up or even run and shoot. As long as you release the fire key before releasing the directional key everything is still fine.

But where everything goes pear shaped is when you don't release the shoot key. Say if you were to run to the left while shooting. If you let go of left before letting go of fire the actor won't stop running left until you give the left key another press and release it. I've tried figuring this out for a couple of hours now but I'm at a loss.
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